About Us

 we are known in the market as the digital marketing agency that is dedicated to elevate brands.

About E- Digitech Solution

Launched in the year 2018, The Digito is an award-winning agency that offers digital marketing services of a wide variety. All our services are personalized to match up to the needs of the individual clients. Why? No business is the same. Each campaign we design and undertake has its own set of goals and expectations to match up to. That at least is the short version of our story. 

The real story however is much longer because our agency is not about us, but it is about people, our people, and they are all pretty amazing.

The Digito is a company of specialists that are digitally savvy and experienced in Internet marketing. We understand the bridge between customers and content and with that information, we help clients build their brands from the scratch. Together with our clients, we achieve exceptional results by prospecting out the opportunities and scoping out the threats. That’s how we are able to execute every component of digital marketing plan to their highest level.

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Our Story

Every company is proud of its beginning and so are we, and even though it’s clichéd, we like to tell and retell the story of how we got started. Like so many other digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, we too had a very humble beginning. Back in 2018, we founded The Digito with the mission to give new businesses a chance to grow a shiny reputation and local businesses to salvage their reputation at minimum effort. For all these businesses, we wanted one thing, and that’s optimum online visibility. 

We put together a list of services all aimed at helping small businesses achieve a noteworthy market position and launch their brands and existing companies to build a stellar brand image. So, we set up an office in Mumbai, the city of dreams and got to work, and that’s how it all started. 

Today, we are known in the market as the digital marketing agency that is dedicated to elevate brands. Although small at the time of founding, today we have expanded and are able to offer a full range of marketing solutions for companies of all sizes and niches. 

Our Values

At The Digito, our workplace culture is not determined nor limited by the inspiring quotes of famous people on our walls. Nor is it defined by the ongoing trends in workplaces. Our workplace culture is defined by one thing and one thing alone, that is our core values.  

As a digital marketing company in Mumbai, our core values that we started off with and still hold fast to are autonomy, innovation and continued improvement.

We honor these values with our way of working and show them in whom we hire. It is these values that empower our work teams and with the growth of our company and teams, our culture widens. With our values as our guiding stars, we strive towards the right direction as we bring more and more tailored digital marketing solutions for our clients.

The Digito is a company that is driven by data. We are a team of individuals that are tenacious and industrious. We are all committed to one thing, and that is pushing the digital marketing forefront in the Indian market.

We Help you grow your business

We are a dynamic digital marketing agency that brings to the users a full suite of digital marketing solutions.

We know that relationships with our clients are more important to us than anything else, and knowing who you’re working with. You can schedule a meeting with us at anytime and let us know you want to get in touch.

Our Happiest Clients

Clients they like our work and achieved success in there business through our marketing strategies