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The DIgito offers a range of search engine optimization solutions directed towards expedited SERP performance of business websites.

The Digito offers a range of search engine optimization solutions directed towards expedited SERP performance of business websites. We offer our partners the flexibility it requires to get the best value out of their SEO engagements. 

We at The Digito gear SEO programs that are tailored to fit your specific SEO needs. Local SEO, mobile SEO, eCommerce, we have solutions to meet all your optimization needs. Our teams at the Digito work seamlessly with our client base offering internal content, solving crucial problems and maximizing SERP growth. 

We adopt an aggressive approach towards all optimization projects that have the common end goal of business growth. 

SEO experts that are working directly under E Digitech streamline the research, strategize the campaigns and execute the programs. Our teams work in tandem targeting technical issues related to use, detecting opportunities in organic search and producing assets of higher ranking. That enables us to deliver faster and long-standing results. 

How Are We Better Than Other SEO Agencies? 

The Digito is one of the most-known digital agencies in Mumbai. Insofar, we have garnered a huge client base and a lot of positive attention. That has made us a favorite of local businesses in Mumbai and some outside. We attribute the following as reasons for our high rating and general popularity. 

  • We are consistently a top digital media company in India, on all industry lists
  • We have both long and monthly contracts for flexibility of hire and pay.
  • We have a wide base of clients that we have acquired over just a few years.
  • We have a many 5 star ratings and reviews from clients online.
  • We integrate search engine optimization with SEM, content marketing and social media.
  • We have a team of full-time employees in our company all of whom are educated and experienced.
  • Our service list includes SEO and much more.
  • We manage thousands of digital marketing projects every year.
  • We offer timely and transparent reporting.
  • We provide affordable SEO packages fitting to all budget types 
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Customized Reporting Every Month

One thing that makes SEO results measurable is timely and transparent reporting and that’s what we are committed to do at The Digito. We provide customized reporting for all clients so that they can measure the performance of their campaigns on a month on month basis. However, our reports are far from generic which companies are prone to provide. Instead our reports are customized and KPI based that is relevant to your company. 

Another thing that we assure in all our reports is full transparency. There are no obscure or hidden details in our reports. Our SEO reports feature regular updates with regards to user behavior, keyword performance, website performance and more. 

The idea behind regular reporting is to bring you up to speed with your website’s position and performance. These reports are prepared to act as a measuring tool for your website’s performance improvements. Looking at them you’d be able to tell with certainty where your website stands at the current time.


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